Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (2024)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (1)

EDIT: Felarx Incarnon form was given a significant buff in U32 - base Damage increased from 500 to 600, and given a Catchmoon-like wave projectile. These drastically improve the viability of Incarnon form and justify a re-review.

The Felarx is a new MR14 Incarnon Shotgun. Following the incredibly powerful Laetum and Phenmor, it has extremely high standards to live up to. A moderately strong, if slightly unexceptional Shotgun in Default form, headshots charge up Incarnon form. Incarnon form fires wave-like projectiles that tear through crowds, however its lower Burst DPS makes Default form the stronger single-target weapon. The Felarx is the first Incarnon weapon that is best used as a two-mode weapon, unlike the others which want to be in Incarnon form at all times.

NOTE: There are very slight spoilers for Angels of the Zariman, due to the Felarx's acquisition and upgrade methods.

Originally published (21/06/2022, U31.6.3), Updated (24/09/2022, U32.0.6)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (2)

The Felarx's Blueprint can be purchased from the Zariman weapon vendor. You must be Rank 3 (Guardian) with the local Syndicate to access it.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (3)

The Felarx's Default form is somewhat unexceptional. Its base Damage is high, and is biased slightly towards Slash which is always good. Its Crit is only decent at 20%/2x, and a Status Chance of 5.5% is quite low, especially with base Multishot of only 4 pellets, far fewer than most Shotguns.

A Fire Rate of 3 is surprisingly high for a Mag Capacity of just 6 rounds, especially with a painfully long total Reload Time of 3.7 seconds. This gives a very poor Reload Ratio of 0.54.

Note that the Felarx reloads each shell individually, so its Reload Time is comprised of three parts: 0.8 seconds to begin the reload, 0.4 seconds for each shell, 0.5 seconds to finish the reload. As with other weapons with this mechanic, the reload can be interrupted at any time by performing other actions, such as shooting. Notably, this also allows you to skip the last 0.5 seconds of the reload. As such, total Reload Time increases and decreases with Mag Capacity.

An Ammo Max pool of 60 rounds is not enormous, however it recovers a fairly generous 15 rounds per Primary ammo pickup. This is an overall improvement from previously using the relatively rare and low-recovery Shotgun ammo.

As standard for a Shotgun, the Felarx has Damage Fall-Off. It starts at 14 metres, and scales linearly to dealing just 1% damage at 28 metres - one of the harshest in the game.

Note that while it is not displayed, Default form has innate body Punch Through, possibly infinite, which is a great help against crowds.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (4)

Like with the Laetum and Phenmor, the Felarx charges Incarnon form by landing headshots with Default form. It requires 30 Headshots for full charge, noting that each pellet counts as a separate headshot. As such, in ideal circ*mstances, only 8 full Headshots are required for full Incarnon charge.

Incarnon form can be activated with any amount of charge by pressing Alt Fire, with its total ammo proportional to the amount of charge gained.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (5)

Incarnon form is fairly strong stat-wise, however its projectile type gives it even more value. Its base Crit Multiplier is an excellent 3x, its per-pellet Status Chance has been increased, and it does not have Damage Fall-Off. However, many of its other stats are worse compared to Default. Its base Damage is significantly lower and has no Slash component, while Fire Rate is halved. Incarnon only fires a single pellet at base, so the increased Status Chance is still actually worse than Default form for Status output.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (6)

At full charge, Incarnon can fire around 60 shots. Like with the others, Incarnon charge consumption is not affected by any +Ammo Efficiency effects. A recent change has normalised the Incarnon charge bar to have a set colour (white-ish), which I personally dislike. Nonetheless, quickly consuming ammo will still show the ammo consumption using one of the energy colours.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (7)

Incarnon form was given a significant buff in U32. Previously, it simply fired an ordinary projectile with no AoE, making it distinctly underwhelming. However, U32 granted it a Catchmoon-like projectile, with infinite body Punch-Through allowing it to effortlessly tear through crowds of enemies. This instantly makes Incarnon form an excellent anti-crowd tool. Curiously, unlike other weapons of its type, Incarnon form does not currently have any Damage Fall-Off.

Neither firing mode is particularly good at long range. Both fire projectiles, Default form has severe Damage Fall-Off, and Incarnon form has a hard limited range at around 50m.


Once again, the Felarx can be enhanced with five special Evolutions, unlocked from completing specific challenges. Besides the first one, each Evolution has three options to choose from, and can be changed at will at the Zariman's weapon vendor.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (8)

The first Evolution is unlocked by achieving 100 kills with the Felarx, and unlocks Incarnon form.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (9)

The second Evolution is unlocked by killing 8 Eximus units with Felarx's Incarnon form.

  • Attuned Accuracy:+40% Accuracy while Aiming. A slightly greater and less conditional effect than the corresponding mod (Narrow Barrel), and a great help for Default form beyond very close range.
  • Kinetic Baffle:-50% Recoil. Slightly weaker than the corresponding mod (Counterbalance). Useful if you have trouble handling recoil.
  • Frictionless Flight: +50% Projectile Speed. Slightly greater than the corresponding base mod (Fatal Acceleration), but weaker than a stacked up Galvanised Acceleration. Very useful beyond close range as it also increases Damage Fall-Off distances and Incarnon form's range.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (10)

The third Evolution is unlocked by landing 20 headshots on a Void Angel (new Zariman enemy) in Default form without reloading. Each pellet counts as a separate headshot, so this can be done with five perfect shots, and made significantly easier with +Multishot and +Mag Capacity mods.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (11)

  • Dual-Mode Chamber: Reloading toggles between one of two buffs - +100% Projectile Speed or +4m Punch Through. Toggles with each shell reloaded, so reloading an even number of shells will remain on the same mode, while reloading an odd number of shells will switch to the other mode. A somewhat peculiar Evolution, but offers two decently strong effects. As mentioned previously, +Projectile Speed is extremely helpful at longer ranges. While both forms have innate body Punch-Through, neither has any object Punch-Through which can be a nice addition.
  • Evolved Autoloader: +50% Reload Magazine while Holstered effect. Greater than the equivalent mod (Lock and Load), and actually reloads faster (2s) than regular reloading, but of course requires holstering the Felarx which is not always ideal.
  • Mounting Momentum: With each shell reloaded, increases Fire Rate by +10%, resetting with each reload. The only direct DPS Evolution thus far, even with default Mag Capacity it is a decently strong effect at up to +60% Fire Rate. It is of course dependent on reloading from empty for maximum effect, and will result in even more frequent reloading.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (12)

The fourth Evolution is unlocked by closing 12 Ruptures in Void Flood (new Zariman mission type).

  • Brutal Edge: +10% Crit and Status Chance. These are flat values applied after mods, so are a nice overall buff. Note that the Status Chance is split amongst the four base pellets, so is actually +2.5% Status Chance per pellet (e.g. 40% Crit Chance increases to 50%, 5% Status Chance increases to 7.5%).
  • Incarnon Catalyst: Headshots build 50% more Incarnon charge. Ideal for maximising Incarnon availability.
  • Racking Wrath: +20% Status Chance, -10% Crit Chance. Again these apply a flat value after mods, and again the Status Chance is split amongst four base pellets so is actually +5% Status Chance per pellet (e.g. 20% Crit Chance is reduced to 10%, 5.5% Status Chance increases to 10.5%). Extremely useful for one particular Evolution 5 below.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (13)

The fifth and final Evolution is unlocked by completing a solo mission with an Incarnon weapon in each weapon slot (Primary, Secondary, Melee). The Laetum is the only Incarnon Secondary currently in game, while there are two Incarnon Melee options - Innodem and Praedos.

  • Devastating Attrition: on a non-Crit, has a 50% chance to deal 21x damage. The only one of the three that offers a damage-per-shot increase, and offers an immense amount of damage at that. Combines very well with E4RW.
  • Ruptured Plenitude: on hitting at least three enemies with one pellet, grants +70% Ammo Efficiency (consumes ammo at 30% of the usual rate, effectively increases Mag Capacity by 3.33x) for 20 seconds. Does not affect Incarnon form. Works very well with E3MM to give the Felarx much better sustained fire capabilities.
  • Agile Executor: while Aim Gliding or Sliding, grants +50% Ammo Efficiency (consumes ammo at 50% of the usual rate, effectively doubles Mag Capacity). Does not affect Incarnon form. Similar to E5RP above improves sustained fire. Does not rely on high enemy density to trigger, but is a somewhat weaker effect.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (14)

With no damage-boosting E5 for Crit builds, a pure Status E5DA is clearly the best build for Default form for single-target Burst DPS. Even with Incarnon form's fantastic 3x Crit Multiplier, a minimum Crit-Chance E5DA build still comes out much stronger on body shots. However, it comes with the notable disadvantage of not being able to use Hunter Munitions for Slash procs.

Interestingly, taking into account the additional Crit headshot multiplier, Incarnon form's exceptional base 3x Crit Multiplier makes a Crit build competitive if reliably landing headshots. However, this takes up additional mod slots compared to an equivalent pure E5DA build, resulting in a pure E5DA build usually coming out on top.

E5RP and E5AE offer much better sustained fire capabilities in Default form. In exchange for much lower damage-per-shot than E5DA, these two offer effectively significantly increased Mag Capacity, allowing you to take better advantage of Default form's Full-Auto and E3MM's Fire Rate increase.

NOTE: The pictured builds use a base Damage of 500 instead of 600 for Incarnon form, as they were made pre-U32. To get the new damage numbers, simply multiply them all by 1.2x.

Basic 0-Forma:

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (15)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (16)

A single native V polarity makes it very easy to fit in a basic build. If you have relatively few good Shotgun mods available, something like the above can be an effective interim build. It covers off all the basics (Damage, Multishot, Crit, Elements) reasonably, though note that Crit is probably not worth building if you only have the basic mods (Blunderbuss and Ravage). If you do not yet have Critical Deceleration (as pictured) or Primed Ravage, you are probably better off replacing the Crit mods with something simple like Vicious Spread or Vigilante Armaments. More elemental mods are also a solid option.

Primed Crit 0-Forma:

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (17)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (18)

If you do have the essential Primed Shotgun mods (Primed Point Blank, Primed Ravage), the innate V polarity will allow those to fit as well, although depending on your mod ranks you may need both 60/60 elemental mods.

Elemental choices are standard fare. Viral is the best all-rounder, and also combines well with Slash procs, which the Felarx can inflict natively. Corrosive deals a lot more direct damage against Ferrite-armoured enemies as well as most heavy Infested, particularly those on the Cambion Drift. Radiation is strong against Alloy-armoured enemies. Magnetic can be used to combat extremely tough Shields, but is rather lacking otherwise. Pure Toxin is a great option against any unarmoured Corpus units, as it will entirely bypass most of their Shields.

Recommended Setups: Viral vs everything, Corrosive vs Ferrite-armour, Infested, Radiation vs Alloy-armour, Magnetic vs strong Shields, Toxin vs unarmoured Corpus

Hunter Munitions 2-Forma:

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (19)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (20)

Two added V polarities allow you to comfortably fit in a seventh mod. The obvious one to mention is Hunter Munitions. On a Crit build, HM greatly increases the number of Slash procs inflicted, which is most effective against heavily armoured enemies. It naturally combines with Viral procs which amplify the damage of Slash procs. Notably, HM is also the only way to make Incarnon form inflict Slash procs, as it does not deal any Slash damage by default.

Otherwise, Vigilante Armaments is a nice no-fuss positive. Vicious Spread offers slightly more damage, at the cost of increased Spread which can be problematic. There are of course yet more options, but I'll discuss those below.

Recommended Setups: see above. Also consider: Viral + HM vs armoured enemies

General Purpose 3-Forma:

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (21)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (22)

Another added polarity can allow you to fit an eighth mod in as well, though depending on mod and elemental choices, more Forma may still be needed.

My top pick for the final slot is (Primed) Tactical Pump. The Primed version especially cuts Reload Time down to less-than-half, greatly reducing Felarx Default form's biggest drawback. Regular Tactical Pump is less impactful but still useful. +Mag Capacity from (Primed) Ammo Stock does not alleviate the Reload Ratio issue since the Felarx reloads per-shell, however, it can be used to increase the +Fire Rate from E3MM.

Seeking Fury is very common in most of my Shotgun builds, though is less useful on the Felarx. Both forms already have innate body Punch Through, so the added Punch Through is only useful on solid objects (which mind you is still useful).

A (Primed) Cleanse mod is a very strong damage multiplier, most notable as its damage bonus applies twice to damage-over-time procs like Slash. For the vast majority of content though, it is total overkill. Shrapnel Shot and Laser Sight are decent conditional Crit-boosting options. Motus Setup is another conditional mod that increases both Crit and Status Chance.

A third elemental mod is a solid option. There are a couple of three-element combos with notable additional strengths. Adding Heat to either Viral or Corrosive is a great combination. Heat offers another damage-over-time proc that benefits from those two, as well as adding another armour-reduction effect. Putting Radiation and Toxin together covers off most Corpus units effectively, Radiation hitting their most common armour type and Toxin bypassing the Shields of almost anything unarmoured.

Additionally, Shotguns in particular have access to some very good multi-stat elemental mods. Blaze is a very strong option for any build using Heat, up until you get access to Galvanised mods and Arcanes. Chilling Reload provides Cold, as well as a decent chunk of +Reload Speed, which as mentioned earlier is greatly appreciated on the Felarx.

For a non-Crit build, Sweeping Serration is also worth mention for Default form. It greatly increases Slash bias, which thus results in much higher chance for natural Slash procs. It isn't much value on a Crit build which can just use HM, but on a non-Crit build it is highly valuable. Unfortunately, it offers no benefit in any setup to Incarnon form.

For the Exilus slot, I would recommend either an Ammo Mutation mod like Vigilante Supplies or Fatal Acceleration. Ammo Mutation eliminates any potential ammo issues, and Vigilante Supplies in particular gives a marginal increase in DPS. Fatal Acceleration increases Projectile Speed as well as Damage Fall-Off ranges, which is highly beneficial beyond close range.

Recommended Setups: see above. Also consider: Viral + Heat vs everything, Corrosive + Heat vs Ferrite-armour, Infested, Radiation + Toxin vs Corpus

Galvanised Build and Arcane:

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (23)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (24)

Galv Hell.

Galv Savvy is a solid option for both firing modes. Even with its comparatively unexceptional Status output, Default form can inflict enough procs in a short time to make Galv Savvy worth the slot. While Incarnon form is much slower firing and thus benefits somewhat less, it also inflicts procs much more consistently with its higher Status Chance-per-pellet, and within a few shots can get enough procs to justify Galv Savvy.

Galv Acceleration is a strong option for the Exilus slot, if it is not already dedicated to something else (like Vigi Supplies). +Projectile Speed increases Damage Fall-Off ranges as well as Incarnon form's maximum range. This is especially important since Default form deals essentially no damage at maximum range.

The Felarx is a weapon for which I think Fractalised Reset is legimitately worth consideration. Its +240% Reload Speed for 5sec after casting an Ability drastically improves the Felarx's biggest drawback, and can make it a lot more fun to use. This of course requires a bit of micromanagement of Abilities, and means significantly lower Burst damage than taking a conventional Damage Arcane.

Otherwise, between the usual suspects Merciless and Deadhead, I favour Merciless. Its +Reload Speed is very useful for the Felarx, and with innate body Punch Through, getting multikills to quickly stack it up are not difficult. On the other hand, Deadhead of course offers higher peak damage with its extra Headshot Damage.

Evolution 5 Builds

NOTE: As mentioned previously, does not do Evolution bonuses, so I have used warframe.builder's custom Shotgun function to leverage its fully customisable Rivens to emulate their effect.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (25)

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (26)

These two builds (Default top and Incarnon bottom) show a high-Status build with E5DA. The Riven emulates 4 stacks of Galv Savvy, fully stacked Galv Hell and Primary Merciless, and the +Damage to Grineer approximates the bonus damage from E5DA. As clearly obvious, Default form with E5DA can reach some truly astronomical damage numbers when stacked up. Note how much lower its Sustained DPS is compared to Burst DPS however (~2.3mil vs ~950k respectively), even with +30% Reload Speed.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (27)

This alternate build emulates a Crit build with E5AE. While both of its DPS values are drastically lower than an E5DA build, its Sustained DPS is much closer to its Burst DPS. An E5RP build gets closer still.

My Builds

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (28)

This is the build I run when using E5DA, alongside E4RW. Primed Point Blank should be switched to a Primed Cleanse for optimum damage, but as I've said multiple times before, I don't personally like using Faction Damage mods.

Given that Incarnon form is now perfectly usable, I would probably switch out Sweeping Serration as well, possibly to Vigilante Armaments.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (29)

This is my Crit build, using E4BE and E5RP. Although its Burst DPS is clearly much worse than using E5DA, its sustained fire in Default form is significantly better. Notably, this build also allows Incarnon form to inflict strong Slash procs with Hunter Munitions.

In both cases I typically run E2AA and E3MM. I find the default pellet spread of Default form to be wider than ideal, hence E2AA. E3MM makes an E5RP build in particular much more fun to use and a lot more powerful. It is less useful for the E5DA build, which already burns through its mag very quickly.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (30)

The Felarx's Default form is a strong single-target shotgun, especially when upgraded with E5DA. It can deal incredible amounts of direct damage to unarmoured and Status-resistant/immune targets, punching through the vast majority of them with ease. With reasonable Slash bias, it can also inflict natural Slash procs, though is somewhat inconsistent due to low pellet count and Status Chance. Nonetheless, any Slash procs it inflicts will deal major damage, making it decent against heavily armoured enemies as well.

Hunter Munitions in a Crit build allows Default form to inflict even more Slash procs, however this minimises the effect of E5DA, resulting in much lower direct damage.

Crowds are naturally Default form's biggest weakness. It has an extremely poor Reload Ratio, and its only AoE is innate body Punch Through. While the Felarx will easily kill weak enemies in a line, it struggles to efficiently engage them if they are spread out. The terrible Reload Ratio can be mitigated with mods and Evolutions, but it still pales in comparison to conventional AoE weapons.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (31)

On the other hand, Incarnon form excels against groups thanks to its huge projectile. A single shot can easily sweep away a corridor full of weak enemies, and at full charge it can fire up to 60 rounds before needing to revert to Default form.

While it deals significantly lower Burst DPS than Default form, Incarnon form still packs enough firepower to blast through unarmoured or Status-resistant/immune enemies reasonably effectively.

Where Incarnon form struggles most is against heavily armoured enemies. It cannot inflict Slash procs naturally, and its slow-firing nature makes it poor at stacking up Viral/Corrosive/Heat procs.

Hunter Munitions is notable on Incarnon form for giving it a way to inflict Slash procs. However, this again requires a Crit build which deals significantly lower DPS than an equivalent E5DA build. Additionally, with low Fire Rate and only reasonably high Crit Chance, it will be a somewhat inconsistent in actually triggering. Regardless, Incarnon form is strong enough that any Slash procs it inflicts will deal massive damage to even the toughest armoured enemies.

The Incarnon form of most Incarnon weapons is so vastly superior to their Default forms that you usually treat Default form simply as a stepping stone to immense firepower. This is not the case for the Felarx, as its two forms serve distinct purposes. Default form deals far higher Burst DPS, and is also capable of naturally inflicting Slash procs, making it ideal for use against fewer heavy targets. Incarnon form's huge projectile blasts apart groups of enemies with ease.

Getting the most out of the Felarx requires using both forms as appropriate, like a two-mode weapon. Unlike two-mode weapons, Incarnon form must be charged up by Default form headshots to use, and switching out of Incarnon automatically empties all remaining charge as well. This makes the Felarx a fair bit clunkier than a traditional two-mode weapon to use, however it packs far more firepower than the majority of them.

Longer ranged combat can be very troublesome. Default form suffers from noticeable pellet spread as well as horrific Damage Fall-Off. Though Incarnon form does not have Damage Fall-Off, it has a hard limited range instead.

Overall, the Felarx is a strong Shotgun complemented by a completely different but still strong Incarnon form. Unlike its other Incarnon brethren, it should be treated as a true two-mode weapon, both forms offering their own value and purpose, with its Evolutions offering an even greater degree of customisability. These make the Felarx truly a unique weapon not just by regular weapon standards but even among Incarnon weapons. While perhaps more complex than its Incarnon brethren to use and with more flaws, it still packs impressive firepower and belongs among the best weapons in the game.

Vs Trash Mobs:5/5 - Incarnon form's new projectile tears through large groups of enemies with ease, and at high charge has a huge capacity giving fantastic effective Reload Ratio.

Vs Unarmoured Heavies: 5/5 - Even without E5DA, Default form can deal very good Burst DPS to a single target. E5DA pushes it far beyond to be an obviously exceptional single-target weapon. Incarnon form is weaker in Burst DPS.

Vs Armoured Heavies without Forced Slash: 4.5/5 - Reasonable Slash bias allows Default form to inflict strong natural Slash procs especially with E5DA, though its low pellet count and base Status Chance can make it somewhat inconsistent. Incarnon form cannot inflict natural Slash procs at all and fires very slowly, so struggles greatly against heavily armoured enemies.

Vs Armoured Heavies with Forced Slash: 4.5/5 - A Crit build can leverage Hunter Munitions to inflict Slash procs much more reliably, though this does not take advantage of E5DA's massive damage-per-shot. It is also the only way to make Incarnon form inflict Slash procs, which while inconsistent due to low Fire Rate, will deal immense damage.


There are several other strong Shotguns to consider. The most directly comparable is probably the MR14Strun Prime, which is a similar slow(ish) firing Shotgun that reloads shells one-by-one.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (32)

The StrunP trades lower base Damage to be superior in almost every other respect - Crit, Status output, Damage Fall-Off, even overall reloading is better taking into account the StrunP's much higher Mag Capacity. The two come out very close for Burst DPS, with the StrunP easily taking Sustained DPS and Status output. The Felarx can only regain ground with its (admittedly powerful) Evolutions.

Both Hek variants, the MR15Kuvaand MR12Vaykor Hek, are also worth discussion.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (33)

Taking into account its Lich Bonus, the Kuva Hek actually has a higher base Damage (761.25 at 25% and 974.4 at 60%). It also has superior Crit, as well as better Status capabilities thanks to far higher Status Chance as well as higher pellet count. The Felarx's higher Fire Rate puts the two on relatively even footing for Burst DPS, although the KHek can use its Alt Fire to come out well ahead in that (in exchange for constant reloading). Sustained DPS goes to the KHek for its much faster Reload Time. The Felarx is somewhat better on crowds due to its innate body Punch Through, and with its Evolutions can do some things which the KHek cannot.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (34)

The Vaykor Hek is mostly weaker per-shot than the KHek and thus the Felarx, but its key advantage is in double Mag Capacity. This gives it far better sustained fire than either. Again the Felarx can use Evolutions to close this gap, and its innate body Punch Through is a notable advantage, though the VHek is significantly better than the KHek against crowds.

The MR14Corinth Prime is another strong weapon to consider.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (35)

With double the Fire Rate and higher base Damage, the Felarx comes out well ahead of the CorinthP for Burst DPS. However, the CorinthP's much higher Crit Chance and Status capabilities (despite being a Crit-focused weapon), make it a lot more consistent for a Viral + HM build. Its sustained fire capabilities are much better by virtue of a far larger Mag Capacity, and its explosive Alt Fire gives it a decently strong Status AoE that the Felarx cannot compare to.

Lastly, the MR13Bubonico's Full-Auto is slightly similar to the Felarx.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (36)

The Bubonico has a slightly higher Fire Rate, as well as superior Crit, Status Chance, pellet count, total Reload Time, Mag Capacity and Damage Fall-Off. It even has innate Punch Through which somewhat evens out with the Felarx's innate body Punch Through. However, the Felarx has nearly triple the base Damage, for much higher Burst DPS. E5RP/AE can be used to bring the Felarx's sustained fire capabilities a lot closer as well, but it has nothing remotely comparable to the Bubonico's Alt Fire for Status output.

There are two main competitors to the Felarx's Incarnon form: a Primary Catchmoon Kitgunand the Tenet Arca Plasmor.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (37)

The pictured Catchmoon build uses the Tremor Grip (++Dmg, --Fire Rate) and Splat Loader (++Crit, --Status). A Catchmoon can make much better use of Hunter Munitions thanks to its far higher potential Crit Chance. However even with a max Crit build such as the one pictured, the Felarx Incarnon form will come out ahead for DPS, whether a Crit build or anti-Crit E5DA. Additionally, Felarx Incarnon has a much larger projectile and far larger Mag Capacity (up to 60 rounds at full charge).

Between the two, I personally prefer Felarx Incarnon, with the projectile size and Mag Capacity being major factors.

Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (38)

The Tenet Arca Plasmor has an even larger projectile than the Felarx Incarnon, as well as far higher base Damage thanks to the Sister Bonus (not pictured). With a max Sister bonus, the two are on a similar level for DPS with just Crit builds, but Felarx Incarnon once again breaks ahead if using a proper E5DA build. The two honestly feel very similar in many ways and, barring the Felarx's Evolutions, feel about on the same level.

Overall, the Felarx combines two strong individual forms into a single, even stronger weapon. It can comfortably compete with many of today's top Shotguns in either of its forms, and deserves a mention alongside many of the strongest weapons in the game.

The Felarx currently has a very low 1/5 (0.6) Riven Disposition. I expect it to stay quite low especially with its recent buff, as it is now a very strong and versatile weapon.

+Damage/Multishot are the obvious good stats to have. +Slash can be useful for Default form to bias Status procs towards Slash. +Crit Chance/Damage are of course great for a Crit build, but not for an E5DA build. +Elemental Damage can be useful to save mod slots, shift biases, or just add more damage. +Faction Damage greatly amplifies damage-over-time procs like Slash, so can be useful against the Grineer. +Reload Speed can be great quality-of-life as Default form reloads constantly. +Mag Capacity can be nice to enhance the effect of E3MM in particular, but increased total Reload Time can be annoying. +Projectile Speed greatly improves capabilities of both forms beyond close range. +Punch Through adds object Punch Through to both forms, but is much less impactful than it is on most weapons.

-Impact/Puncture are good negatives. Neither is a notably good damage type or proc, and reducing them also increases the bias of Slash which is ideal. The primary argument to not entirely remove them is for Galv Savvy multipliers. -Crit Chance is ideal for an E5DA build, and -Crit Damage isn't terrible in such a build either. -Faction Damage to the weaker Factions (Infested especially) can be manageable. -Ammo Max is not bad if you have equipment to mitigate ammo issues (e.g. Ammo Case/Mutation). +Recoil is not an issue if you handle recoil well.

Posted byP13c30fch33s3at14:45Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (39)


Review: Felarx (Updated U32.0.6) (2024)


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