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Enter a mixed number or a fraction and this tool instantly determines the whole number state by reducing them to the simplest form.



An online fraction simplifier calculator simplifies whole or mixed number, proper and improper fraction to simplest form of fraction. In simple words, this fraction reducer calculator reduces proper/improper fractions and mixed number to simplify fractions. Also, you can try this best calculator by calculator-online if you want to add, subtract, multiply, and divide 2 or 3 fractions,Well, give a read to know how to simplify fractions by hand and with the help of fraction simplifier calculator. Let’s start with some basics!

What is Simplify Fractions?

The word fraction is the derivative of a Latin word ‘Fractio’ that means “to break”. Therefore, fraction is the simple numerical representation of complex numbers. A fraction in simplest form is that in which the only common factor of its top number or numerator and bottom number or denominator is 1.Additionally, each whole number can also be written in fractional form as 4 can be written by means of 4 / 1. Use offraction simplifier calculator is the best way to deal with complexproper, improper and mixed fractions.

Example of Simplify Fraction:

If the original fraction is 12 / 4 then what is in its simplest form?

  • 12 / 4 = on dividing by 2 = 6 / 2 = 3 / 1

However, answers of this manual calculation can be verified bysimplify fractions calculator to avoid any kind of error risk.

About Fraction Simplifier Calculator:

This fraction simplifier calculator allows you to simplify mixed or whole number, proper/improper fraction to its simplest form of a fraction. All you need to enter the values into the designated fields of this simplify fractions calculator to get a simplified fraction form.

How to reduce a fraction with this Fraction Simplifier:

Well, this calculator for reducing fractions is 100% free and quite easy to use as it is packed with user-friendly interface; just account these steps to simplify the fractions:Here are three fields given by this fraction reducer calculator:

  • For whole or mixed number (optional)
  • For numerator value
  • For denominator value


  • If you want to reduce mixed number into simplest form of fraction, then you must have to enter the values in the all designated fields
  • And, if you want to reduce improper and proper fractions into its simplest form, then you just need to enter the values for numerator and denominators into the designated boxes

Outputs:Once you enter the values, it’s time to hit the calculate button, this simplifying fractions calculator will generate:

  • simplified fraction according to the given inputs
  • Mixed number for the given inputs (only shows if you get the simplified fractions into improper fractions form)
  • Step by step calculation corresponding to the given input values
  • Simplified Fraction into decimal form

How to Simplify Fractions?

Simplifying a fraction represents a procedure to make the fraction as simple as possible. For example, if the fraction is 4 / 8 then its simplified fraction form will be: 2 / 4 and 1 / 2.There are two common methods to simplify the fractions as follows:

  • You can divide the top and bottom numbers of given fraction by 2, 3, 5, 7,etc. Such division will be continued until you cannot go any further. For example, if the fraction is 24 / 108 then dividing it by 2 it will be transformed into 12 / 54. Now it can be further divided by 2 once again. It will be converted into 6 / 27. To make it more simple we can divide it by 3. It will be now 2 / 9. Therefore 24 / 108 = 2 / 9.
  • Division of the top and bottom numbers of the fraction by the Greatest Common Factor can also simplify it. For example, if the fraction is 8 / 12 and GCF is 4 then the fraction will be 2 / 3. However, use of simplify fraction calculator is the best possible mean for this purpose.

Also, you can use the best improper fractions to mixed numbers calculator to accurately determine the simplified whole number form of the improper fraction.

FAQ’s (Simplify/Reduce Fractions Into The Lowest Form):

How do you simplify fractions on a calculator?

Well, it is quite easy, all you need to enter mixed number or proper/improper fractions corresponding to the button “A b/c” that you can see on the scientific calculator. Also, simply fetch the online fraction simplifier calculator to get fractions into simplest form.

How do you solve a fraction upon a fraction?

If you want to simplify complex fractions, all you need to start by finding the inverse of the denominator that you can do simply by flipping the fraction. Right after; just multiply this new fraction by the numerator. Now, you have a single simple fraction.

What is 18 divided by 30 as a fraction?

18 divided by 30 is expressed in form of fraction as 3/5.

How do I calculate fractions on a calculator?

First of all, you have to enter the numerator of the fraction, very next, you have to press the division key and enter the denominator. Now, simply hit the “equals” button and the result will display as a decimal. Now, you can’t convert a decimal to a fraction on the calculator, but the calculator can assists you to do it with pencil and paper.

How do you simplify a fraction to lowest terms?

To reduce a fraction to lowest terms, all you need to divide the numerator and denominator by their GCF (Greatest Common Factor). This is also said to be as simplifying the fraction.

How do you simplify 2 fractions?

First of all, you have to multiply the two numerators, and then simply multiply the two denominators. Now, you ought to simplify the new fractions. Also, the fractions can be readily simplified before multiplying by factoring out the common factors in the numerator & denominator.

What is 3/5 in the lowest term?

When it comes to 3/5 in lowest term, it can be written in three ways:

  • 3/5 (proper fraction as numerator smaller than denominator)
  • 0.6 as a decimal number
  • 60% as a percentage

What is 3/12 in the lowest terms?

3/12 in the lowest form expressed as 1/4. You can also add 3/12 into the online simplify fractions calculator to get it in the lowest terms.

What is 2/5 in the lowest term?

2/5 in the lowest term expressed in three ways:

  • 2/5 (it is already in reduced form, and said to be as proper fraction as you can see that numerator is smaller than denominator)
  • 0.4 as a decimal number
  • 40% as a percentage

How do you divide and simplify fractions?

When it comes to dividing fractions, all you need to find the reciprocal (reverse the numerator and denominator) of the second fraction. Right after, you ought to multiply the two numerators. Now, just simply multiply the two denominators. Finally, all you need to simplify the fractions (if required).

How do you simplify fractions with different denominators?

If you have fractions with different denominators, then you simply use equivalent fractions that do have a common denominator. For this, you have to find the least common multiple (LCM) of the two denominators. So, to add fractions with unlike denominators, you have to rename the fractions with a common denominator. Finally, add and simplify!

What is 1/6 in the lowest terms?

1/6 in the lowest terms:

What is 2/4 in the lowest terms?

2/4 in the lowest form expressed as 1/2.

What is 3/6 in simplest form?

3/6 in the simplest form expressed as 1/2.

What is the lowest term for 6/10?

6/10 in the simplest form expressed as 3/5.

What is 1/2 in the lowest term?

1/2 in the lowest term is:

  • 1/2 (it can’t be further simplified in a lowest term, it is a proper fraction as the numerator is smaller than denominator)
  • 0.5 as a decimal number
  • 50% as a percentage


This online fraction simplifier calculator operatesby simplifying complex fractions and then replacing them by simplest form of fractions. It reduces fractions rapidly and accurately as compared to manual calculations free of cost. Furthermore, this fraction simplifier helps you in academics for learning purposes.


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Fraction Simplifier Calculator (2024)


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