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I TimL Mnnitav. March 4, 19 RI7.cr,o REALITY CHECK SALLY FORTH BIARRO -r 4sN KESUCHTHASaV, I "1 IAWDTHIS SSSJSSS Thursday down at a suppuus of jQf T3 I'D SAf WRE KCWWMG ClJSlS) AH6HT 1 Ik CIVIC CENTER. y-zrfl HUSBANDING I I fcTTHOUSHT VOL) COULD TfctolSrREV4T VOK HpAP Jll JWWi I JVfM 1-A 0 1996 UFS. Inc. ..5 2 Tb 1 1 the REFRIGERATOR 1 1 THE ClTt DEC.DED 1 1 HEATHCLIFF THE FAMILY CIRCUS theater "gfit.

i SSSSS. Sk MlrWf l'fsSi 4 I S' 'iS 1 WtN JItm 'Slip I I th I JiwP uVg SWPj jM pP "That's what I wanna be when I fc WfiLr "luHl fiuV" rc 1TS the penalty pox for you" grow up a doot-doot lady!" pillMii ILLL- H2dJ -su t- BLONDIE HAGAR I jw I Im.anpH SPH I weertm fcW? )jS i I'rfl; 8 MARY WORTH --r -w' 1 -g-f" (1- AS MARY CONTINUES ftPBEAPING UE9 WvMSnit) TttMiW I (ViAMtKW? I INC PECIPCO 1 IT. ff 1 PCpKvC of tNTO- ll 1 FUNKY W1NKERBEAN SAFE HAVENS r-rf 6jeekVtmK.s recordl label CT" TTsWHL i AS 1 I Hl( DOONESBURY BY GARRY TRUDEAU MR. BOFFO irlSSI I 7SMTO5tfe- I I rswww- I ffS'7ASH1 l7" i in6uhhas mom high zSem) fTl PfflgJfltl Ji A WCtiwr, MEPHIM i TOSPENPA tOTOF OF THEM 5UFFF-FROM, Vhl) LA UfWtteiillH I 00 7M7RMKJN6CWN SHALL UB SAY, BACK- F5 H022)P FILM A--1 HWHIImMI 7 fe (- iftTifTftl fiAMPmiX CAMPAIGN "11 II I llWfflll t' I A'Cv I 5 gg 'Cljr ff 1 CROSSWORD by THOMAS JOSEPH Unscramble these tour Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form Vu Arr4jnanj leenr4tl 31 Patriot Allen 32 Boutiques 36 Camp bed BELAF 1 II 1 ryr DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE Here's bow to work it: AXYDLBAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, for the two O's, etc.

Single letters, apostrophes, the length and forma tiooof the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different GEWIH KYI 12 11 to 13" 14 ZANATS 1 1 WHAT THEY CON5IPEREP THE MERGER OF THE CANPY COMFWIE5. 17 16 3.4 CKYl'lULiUUlHO is 18 4 Rotten 5 Joined in war 6 Map lines 7 Tread the boards 8 Sentries 9 Posh 12 Wears down 16 Singer Brickell 21 Take into custody again 22 Throws away 23 Carole King's "It's 24 Singer Roy 25 Orchestra instrument 27 Home heater 29 Theater feature 30 Winter quaff 18 25 Fender scars 26 Apple waste 27 Bikini top 28 Burgle 29 Reporter's contacts 33 Actress MacGraw 34 "Rob Roy" actor 35 Philosopher Blaise 37 Canyon sound 38 Patsy 39 Bath need 40 Computer key 41 Works leather DOWN 1 Conductor Georg 2 Designer Calvin 3 Washington's successor PX JGI MSV SMQISKKJ MGIVQ ACROSS 1 Three-player card game 5" to Live" (John O'Hara novel) 10 Merrie England 11 Site 13 Shakespearean king 14 Former's 15 "Frank's Place" star 17 Conceit 18 Guts 19 Crazy 20 Auction action 21 Philosopher Descartes 22 Furry wrap 21 20 BUSUDE I I FT JGIT RGVNJ JGI STN VGQ Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. 12 U3 TNSKKJ TPMU CSIK 12 26 Print answer hara A I 31 29 28 (Answers tomorrow) RELISH 34 R.fc-rw. I WUCH FUSI0N Sau I Answer A mortgage can be this but a but not that 33 35" DNQQJ Saturday's Cryptoquote: SEEING MUCH, SUFFERING MUCH, AND STUDYING MUCH, ARE THE THREE PILLARS OF LEARNING.

DISRAELI 37 ON THE HOUSfc 36 39 38 41 40 Now bock in stock, Jumbo look No. 2S is ovoiloble for $2.80, which includes pot togs and handling, from Jumble, co this newspaper, P.O. Box 4366, Orlando, 32802 366. Include your nam, oddrtu ond tip cod and moke your check payable to Newtoperbooks. See tomorrow's paper for answers to today's puzzle.


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