Easy Varrock achievements (2024)

Easy Varrock is an achievements subcategory of the Area Tasks category. Prior to the release of this subcategory the achievements were part of the former Varrock subcategory within the Exploration category.

There are 19 achievements in this group.

#NameDescriptionMembersRequirementsNotes9Dog and BoneGive a bone to one of Varrock's stray dogs (or to your pet stray dog if you have one).No
  • None
Give bones to a stray dog.

A stray dog can be found south of Varrock's east bank near Aubury's Rune Shop.

If 2012 Christmas event was completed, feed the pet stray dog which was rewarded from the event:

  • Patch, a mongrel found in Varrock
  • Sir Chen Rescoo, a Labrador found in Falador
  • Little 'Elper, a Dalmatian found in Al Kharid
  • Oddie, a Doberman found in Draynor Village
53Doing the IroningMine some iron ore in the mining spot south-west of Varrock.No
  • 10 Mining
  • Mine iron ore at the south-west Varrock mining site.52Essential FacilitatorHave Aubury teleport you to the Rune Essence mine.No
    • None
    Access the Rune Essence mine through Aubury.513It Belongs in a MuseumSpeak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 Kudos.Yes
    • None
    Speak to curator Haig Halen, who is found on the groundfloor[UK]1stfloor[US] of the Varrock Museum, after obtaining at least 50 kudos.

    In order to get 50 kudos, players can use any of the 5 following methods:

    • By cleaning finds (50 kudos)
    • By answering a natural history quiz about museum exhibits given by Orlando Smith(or Mark Brodie, who is found at the same location, if The World Wakes is already completed)in the basem*nt (28 kudos)
    • By relating details of certain completed quests to Historian Minas (currently 95 kudos)
    • By completing the Dahmaroc statue for the first time (10 kudos)
    • By completing dragonkin related quests and tasks and talking to Mr. Mordaut (15 kudos)
    A total of 198 kudos can be earned in the Museum.515JackanoryHave Elsie tell you a story.Yes
    • None
    Have Elsie tell a story by giving her a cup of tea.514Journey to the Centre of the Earth AltarEnter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman.No
    • None
    Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara, earth talisman, or a wicked hood with an earth talisman fed to it.56Jumping-off PointJump over the fence south of Varrock.Yes
    • 13 Agility
    Jump over the fence, south of Varrock. The fence is an agility shortcut just north of the hops patch in Lumbridge.518King of the CastleFind the highest point in Varrock.No
    • None
    Find the highest point in Varrock.The highest point of Varrock is the Varrock Palace guard tower. This is north-west of the chapel, accessed from the bottom floor by the staircase west of the library. Climbing to the highest point of the chapel will also count as the highest point.516LimeyMine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of Varrock.No
    • 10 Mining
    Mine some limestone at the Silvarea mining site, west of Paterdomus.55Making Learning Fun!Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security.No
    • None
    Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security.57No Good to Me AliveChop down the dead tree next to Varrock's south east wall and the mine.No
    • None
    Chop down a dead tree next to Varrock's south east wall and the Varrock south-east mine.511On the Ragged EdgeEnter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville.No
    • None
    Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville.54Plank You Very MuchMake a plank yourself on the sawmill in Fort Forinthry.Yes
    • None
    Make a plank on the sawmill in Fort Forinthry.510Pot StopMake a bowl on a potter's wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in Barbarian Village.No
    • 8 Crafting
    Make a bowl, which requires a piece of soft clay, on the pottery wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in Barbarian Village.58Read All About ItBuy a copy of the Varrock Herald.No
    • None
    Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald newspaper.512Relocation, Relocation, RelocationMove your player-owned house portal by talking to the Varrock estate agent.No
    • None
    Move the player-owned house portal to a different location by talking to the Varrock estate agent which costs 5,000 coins. The house is not lost in the process.517Sherpa's DelightCatch a trout in the river to the east of Barbarian Village.No
    • 20 Fishing
    Catch a trout in the River Lum to the east of Barbarian Village which requires feathers or having at least the tier 3 featherless fly fishing prawn perk unlocked in the aquarium in player-owned house.519Stick the Knife InVenture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock's sewers.No
    • None
    Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers.The cobwebbed corridor is past the spiderweb leading to the red spiders in the Varrock Sewers, after walking past the zombies and ghosts.51Strike a PoseHave Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear.No
    • None
    Access Thessalia's Makeovers through Thessalia.5

    Speak to Rat Burgiss, who is located down the road south of Varrock, to claim the rewards for the easy achievement set:

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    Easy Varrock achievements (2024)


    Where is the highest point in Varrock? ›

    The highest point of Varrock is the Varrock Palace guard tower. This is north-west of the chapel, accessed from the bottom floor by the staircase west of the library. Climbing to the highest point of the chapel will also count as the highest point.

    How to get Varrock armor osrs? ›

    Varrock armour 1 is a reward from completing the easy Varrock Diary. The armour is received from Toby in Varrock and can be retrieved from him for free if lost.

    Where is Toby in Varrock? ›

    Toby is the taskmaster for the Varrock Diaries and is located just south-east of the centre of Varrock. Players can begin the Varrock Diaries by speaking to him.

    How do you get to Varrock in Runescape? ›

    By travelling north from the road east of the Gunnarsgrunn, players can enter the Grand Exchange, and from there the Varrock Palace grounds.

    How do you pronounce Varrock? ›

    Varrock (Jagex pronunciation: vah-ROCK), originally known as Avarrocka and still known as such in barbarian speech, is the capital of the kingdom of Misthalin.

    Who is the king of Varrock? ›

    King Roald Remanis III, more commonly known simply as King Roald, is the current ruler of the prosperous kingdom of Misthalin. His residence is within Varrock Palace, where the Varrock Palace Secret Guard work to keep him safe. He is located in the south-east side of the Palace on the ground floor [UK] .

    What is the rarest armor in Osrs? ›

    3rd age armour is a set of 3rd age equipment, often considered the rarest melee armour set in the game.

    Does Varrock Armor work on crashed stars? ›

    The effects of mining enhancers like the Varrock armour or Celestial signet do not work on crashed stars to get double the stardust.

    Does Varrock armour work at motherlode? ›

    You cannot receive clue scrolls from mining here, and you cannot powermine here. The Varrock armour effect does not work here. The xp with all boosts before collecting 100 golden nuggets and 99 mining is roughly 44k xp/h, whereas after unlocking the upper level, it is around 54k xp/h.

    How to get 50 kudos Varrock? ›

    Cleaning finds. A total of 50 Kudos can be earned by cleaning finds from the Digsite, found in the roped-off area of the museum, not the Digsite itself. In order to do this, you must have first completed The Dig Site quest.

    Where is Juliet in Varrock? ›

    She resides on the 1 st floor [UK] of her father's estate just outside the western gates of Varrock, north of the path. She plays a major part in the Romeo & Juliet quest in which the player attempts to reunite her with her hopeless boyfriend Romeo.

    Where is Aubrey in Varrock? ›

    Aubury's Rune Shop is a shop located in south-eastern Varrock and owned by Aubury. It is a small building just south of the eastern Varrock bank.

    Where is the Tanner in Varrock? ›

    The upper level of the Crafting Guild. South-west Varrock, south of the western Varrock bank, west of the Apothecary. This tanner also appears as a zombie in New Varrock.

    What is the highest place in Osrs? ›

    Trollheim, the tallest mountain in RuneScape. Trollweiss Mountain, a mountain in the Troll Country. White Wolf Mountain, a mountain range between Kandarin and Asgarnia.

    How do I get to Hill Giants in Varrock? ›

    The dungeons may be accessed through the trapdoor in the ruins south of Edgeville, or in a hut west of the Cooking Guild if the player has a brass key.

    Where is Bob in Varrock? ›

    Bob is a client living in Varrock, just north of the Estate Agent's office, and is involved in the Mahogany Homes activity. He is one of the possible NPCs that the player can be tasked with helping.


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