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The Mexican Peso is the currency in Mexico (MX, MEX).The United States Dollar is the currency in American Samoa (AS, ASM), British Virgin Islands (VG, VGB, BVI), El Salvador (SV, SLV), Guam (GU, GUM), Marshall Islands (MH, MHL), Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia, FM, FSM), Northern Mariana Islands (MP, MNP), Palau (PW, PLW), Puerto Rico (PR, PRI), United States (United States of America, US, USA), Turks and Caicos Islands (TC, TCA), Virgin Islands (VI, VIR), Timor-Leste, Ecuador (EC, ECU), Johnston Island, Midway Islands, and Wake Island.The United States Dollar is also known as the American Dollar, and the US Dollar.The symbol for MXN can be written Mex$.The symbol for USD can be written $.The Mexican Peso is divided into 100 centavos.The United States Dollar is divided into 100 cents.The exchange rate for the Mexican Peso was last updated on May 23, 2024 from The International Monetary Fund.The exchange rate for the United States Dollar was last updated on May 23, 2024 from The International Monetary Fund.The MXN conversion factor has 6 significant digits.The USD conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

Currency Conversion Comments

peso exspired ???

I want to know if 5000000 peso note exspired and if so when??? Please let me know its very important

malinda bussy

Exspired Mexican Pesos

Would like to know if pesos are worth anything after they exspireand why do they exspire?


Date on Mexican Pesos

I have a 2000 pesos dated 1989. Can you tell me what it is worth today in American money?

Shirley Holman

exspired mexican peso (1989)

how much and if still good


I 1974 Un Mil Pesos

I havea 1974 UN MIL PESOS bill too....Do they expire? If not, would it be worth anymore than the current conversion rate? or is it worth that even?

Any help or where to go to ask, would be greatly appreciated!

Conallee Moss

1854 one cent usa

what is itworth today

judith boyles

old mexican currency

I have several old mexican currency dated from, 1954 to this date. would you please tell me where i could trade/sell them? thanks

manuel aguirre

1000 un mil pesos

I have 1000 un mil pesos bill and want to know if it is still good and how much worth and also where to go to exchange


Do Pesos Expire?

I have some pesos from 1987. Are they still good?


1983, 10000 pesos

does this currency expire? if so how much if anything is this worth?


1985 pesos

I have a large amount of pesos dated 1983 to 1985. What are they worth and where can I go to trade or sell them? If they are only have antique value, what should I be asking for in US dollar amount if I want to sell them?


1987 5000 dollar bill of mexican and two 20 dollar bills that has the date of 1998 and 1996

What is it worth today in american dollars.


do pesos expire?

I have 5000 pesos from 1987, is it worth anything? Do they expire in Mexico?


5000 mil pesos 28 March 1989

Can you tell me what is the value of 5000 mil peso in USD today.


$100. Peso

I have a 1985 Peso coin V. Carranza, How much is it worth?


10000 note

Is the 10000 peso note still current in the United states or Mexico?

Allan Okicich

peso bill expired

i have a 10000 peso bill how much is it worth and where can i exchange it troy



i also want to exchange ols mexican pesos for us dollars

john rocha

1987, 5000 pesos

same as the other questions, is it worth anything?


id like to know

i have a 50000 pesos dollar dated from 1989 is this a good money and can i turn it in to us dollars please let me know thank you

kimberli wiley

1988 pesos

Are 1988 pesos any good in mexico now?


I have 1000 MXN Coin

I only have one Coin of 1000 Mexicanos Pesos. How can I exchange currency to U.S. ? I just went to Tijuana for 2 weeks and I fly back to New York. I am currently in State of New York so how can I change my Coin $1000 Mexicana Pesos to U.S. Dollars is about $92.10 USD?

Thank You.

John Habiniak

Why no answer?

Why have a comment page where no one answers these questions?


1988 pesos

How much is a 1988 $5000 ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS expropiacion petrolera coin worth?

Hector Encarnacion

old pesos for us cash

you cant exchange any old outdated mexican peso at the local currencey will need to go to a bank in mexico.


No value on old mexican coins or notes

The old mexican pesos, (100000, 50000, 20000, 10000 notes, and 1000, 5000 coins) are no longer in use, since 1994 the mexican peso were "divided" into, and 1000 pesos were then 1 peso. About 8 years ago, all the old coins and bills had to be changed for the new ones, and the remaining ones doesn't worth anything anymore. They won't be changed at any bank now, and even if they would, 5000 old pesos would worth today less than half a dollar.


out dated pasos

2) ten thousand 1985
1) two thousand 1985
2) one thousand 1985
1) five hundred 1984
I would like to know how to go about exchanging for Amarican Dollars.


$1500 pesos

I have a $1000 peso from 1989 and a $500 peso for 1988 how much are they worth as of sept. 2006? and would you go to the airport for currency exchange???

Tony Wielkopolan

coin pesos

where can I exchange the coin pesos into American dollars


1988 5000.00 peso coin

is this peso still good and how much would the exchange be for US money,
and can i exchange it at a canadian bank?


1985 undios mexicanos

how much is a 1985 undios mexicanos worth $100 dollars and and no in the us like what is the price now


1982 $1,000,000 Mexican pesos

I have $1,000,000 pesos that my grandfather had berried in the back yard before he passed away. How much is this worth or is it still worth and if so were can I change it.

Paco Suarez

1991 1000

how much is it worth and is it still good

bobby brew

mexican pesos for u.s. cash

how much is 11822 pesos worth in america? and are they still good from 1988??

trina amman

old peso to new peso

On 1/1/1993 they converted the old peso to the new peso where 1 peso is equal to 1000 old pesos which makes 5000 old pesos worth .47 cents in us dollars. Sorry to disappoint all your hopes!

US Tres

1987 dos mil pesos

I have a 1987 2000 dos mil pesos is it worth anything? Can I exchange it at a bank in America?


my money

We have a 1000 Serie xv Un Mil Pesos expire date or date on this bill is July 19,1985 the Blue Number is L5677163. Can we cash it or how much is it worth?


Do Peso Expire?

I have a 1,000 peso dated 1983 and i need to know if it has expired as soon as possible.


1987 5000 pesos Mexican Bill

Do these bills expire? If not what is it worth?


Peso expiration and value

I have a 50000 peso, 20,000 peso and a 10,000 peso. The 50,000 and 20,000 are from 1988 and the 10,000 is from 1987. How much are they worth in US dollars? Have they expired? If there is some monetary value, where do I exchange them?


march 28 1989

50000 pesos is it still good money what is it worth. the series is FP


mil peso

I have 100000.00 mil peso, ranging from 1989 to 1990's. The bank says they will not buy them back. Can I still use the money in Mexico and if so how much is it in dollars?


1988 V. Carranza $100 peso

how much is this coin worth and did it expire?

Ryan Sauser

1989 peso worth anything?

I have a 1989 mexican peso for $1000 what is its value now?


mexico money

I have 5000 pesos and i would liketo know how much it is?Please tell me i need to know.It is inportent.


How much is these pesos worth?

I have...2000 DOS MIL PESOS...dated.. 1987). 50 CINCUENTA ..( ANIVERSARIO 1925-2000 )..Also 20 VEINTE (1999)..Could you tell me what these are worth?

P at D.

1985 10000 mexican bill

I have a 1985 10000 mexivan bill. It is worth anything? If so, where can I exchange it?

Cindy Slankard

got peso?

wat up yall,i got sum peso and i wanna kno how much then thangs worth. lil juicy on deck round hurr in the "a".im finna b rich b**** lol j/p

juicy j

1907 5000 peso note

please respond . I have a 5000 peso note from 1907 where can I exchange it and how much is it worth


1988 estados unidos mexicanos

I would like to know if my $5000 estados unidos mexicanos 1988 expropiacion petrolera coin is worth anything in U.S. dollars


Cannot remember how much I paid for a property in 1984

how much was 2 500 000 Mexican pesos worth in USD on 30 october 1984
All the conversion tables and the Banks archived data seem only go back to 1990. I absolutely need this information.
Thank you very much



Does any one know what the value to an american dollar is to a peso? i need to know for a homework project...if any one knows please let me know it would be a great help! thank you


250.00 pesos

where can i exchange my pesos for american money


2000 pso

ive got 2000 pso $$ from 1889 and want to know all info on it if u have info email me at


5000 1989 pesos

I have a 5000 1989 paper pesos , is it still good and if so how do I exchange it for American dollars?


Peso Expired

I have a 100,000 peso bill. Is it worth anything?


Where can I exchange pesos for US dollars

I have a 5000 peso note dated 27 March 1989, where can I exchange it for US dollars


1987 5000 & 2000 Pesos Bill

I have a 1987 5000 and 2000 peso bills. I tried to exchanged them, but couldn't. Is it impossible to trade them now?

Daniel Lee Munoz

outdated pesos

i have 2000 pesos dated march of it worth anything and if it is where can i exchange it for us dollars.


old pesos

i have a 2000 pesos mch is it worth and where can i exchange it for us dollars.


peso from 1987

i have 10,000 pesos from mexico from 1987 are they worth anything??



Where can I exchange a peso and do they ever expire? Mine is from 1987 for 500.


outdated pesos

We have pesos from 1983 and would like to know if there is anyway to exchange these for American money?


dos mil pesos



Read the other Responses!

Any Peso bill or coin with a date of 1992 or earlier has about as much worth as your monopoly money!

In 1993 the Mexican government introduced the "new peso", rendering all pre-existing Mexican curreny obsolete. The new peso was worth 1000 of the previous pesos.

No bank or any other currency conversion business will exchange your pesos printed pre-1993, they are absolutely worthless.

<<No value on old mexican coins or notes
The old mexican pesos, (100000, 50000, 20000, 10000 notes, and 1000, 5000 coins) are no longer in use, since 1994 the mexican peso were "divided" into, and 1000 pesos were then 1 peso. About 8 years ago, all the old coins and bills had to be changed for the new ones, and the remaining ones doesn't worth anything anymore. They won't be changed at any bank now, and even if they would, 5000 old pesos would worth today less than half a dollar.



Peso value and where to exchange

I have a 20,000 1987 peso note, a 10,000 1088 peso nute and a 1000 1985 peso note, are they still worth something. Where can I exchance them for us currency?.


10000 Peso from 1987

How much is it worth today and can I use it in Mexico? If not, is there anywhere that will buy it from me in US dollars?



Does the one-thousand dollar peso expire, and if so.. how much would it equal.

Could I even spend it?


exchange rate

i am going to cancun and have a 1000 peso bill from 1982 and a 2000 bill from 1989. should i take them with me or are they worthless?


do peso expire????????

I've got a 1987 5000, two 1985 one thousands, and two 1994 one hundred peso bills. i want to turn it in to a bank but i dont know if it expired.

Jonah Isaac Adelman

is it true

someone called US tres said a 5000 peso is 47 cents

Jonah Isaac Adelman

10,000 diez mil pesos series Q B 1991

can you tell me if this note is worth anything



hi this site is the best believe me

Red eye

1989 pesos

have12,000 1989 pesos-in Texas and went to Mexico to trade into us-wouldn't do it. Please help


1985 20 peso coins gold or..

Are any of the 1985 peso gold. I know other years some were gold colletor coins. is there a way to tell without going to a coin store. wither way I know it is only a collectors item now. makes one wonder. If they do that to amercian coins I best just spend anything that is not gold or silver


20000 1989 veinte mil pesos bill

i have a 20000 el banco mexico bill is it worth anything in today exchange?


use US dollar in Mexico

Is the US dollar accepted in Mexico?


are pesos date 1984 worthless?

Can you tell me if mexican pesos bills from 1984 are valid currency?


1000 old pesos = 1 new peso

1993 devaluation.

See the previous posts in this list for more details. Old pesos are essentially worth nothing by now.


I have 2 $1000 peso coins from 1992 where can I exchange them for U S dollars

Where can I exchange Mexican pesos for U S dollars


1000 pesos coin

Tell me how can I change my 1000 pesos coin. I live in puerto rico and I'm looking for were to changed if somebody can tell me I'll be glad


Maybe with a new Mexican president.....

What are the chances of the old currency being reinstated at the current exchange rate? It seems unfair for those people whose inheritance (Money their family worked hard to save.)was completely wiped out. I would hate for that to happen in the U.S.


can you change in a 50000 pesos?

i have a 1988 50000 pesos can you change it in and if so how much is it worth


1000 and 500 paso coins

I have two 1000 paso coins, one dated 1989 and one 1990. I also have a 500 paso coin dated 1989. Are they worth anything, where can I cash them?


1000 Pesos

I have a 1000 bill in UN MIL PESOS date in 1964 or 84. I would like to know is it worth anything and where do I go in Detroit Michigan to get a currency exchange


1000 un mil pesos serie QQ mexico d.f. 27 ene. 1981

like to know the value of the 1000 un mil pesos described,in U.S dollars if any.,?



i have a 10000, 1000, and a 2000 pesos in bills from 1985-89 do they have any value?

Mare Rose

dos mil pesos

I have a paper bill with 2000 in the corner dos mil pesos justo sierra on it march 1989 how much is it worth? where can i exchange it?


Worth anything ? other than garbage ?

I have a 5000 peso note date 1983. I heard in 1994 the are not worth anything... Since Mexico currency was changed, Is that True ?


Rich in Mexico

Basically....if you have american money in mexico.....your rich, right?


2000 dos mil pesos

I have 2000 dos mil pesos bill with the date of 28 MAR 1989 and want to know if it is still good and how much it is worth and also where to go to exchange.


5,000 mexican peses

I would like to know if this bill is worth anything and where
can go and cash it in.


expired pesos?

I have 10000 pesos serie PC, it has the following numbers on it S4019415
can this be exchanged for american currency?


dos mil pesos

When does the mexican dos mil pesos expire date is 1987 and what is it worth

Marc-Antoine Tremblay

Can I Exchange an Cien MiL Pesos 100000 1988?

I have an 100000 Cien Mil Pesos it got 1988 on it.. is it any good? Got a president of Mexico Plutarco Elias Calles and an Deer on the Back with El Banco De Mexico it sure is their money..but need to know can we all exchange it too for American Dollars


What is a 1987 5000 Paso worth in USD

How Much is 5000 Pesos worth in USD



Where are the answers?


Some Answers for the Questions

I'm Mexican.
For all the people that have Mexican money
of 1992 and back, i want to tell you that they can be changed but only in Mexican Banks.
In 1993, was created a currency called New Peso (Nuevo Peso) and it is worth 1000 Old Pesos.
If you have a 10,000 Pesos Note it's worth 10 New Pesos and it is around a Dollar in the U.S.
In 1996 the word "New" was dropped for only to be "Peso"
100,000 Peso Note - 100 New Pesos - 10 U.S. Dollar
50,000 Peso Note - 50 New Pesos - 5 U.S. Dollar
20,000 Peso Note - 20 New Pesos - 2 U.S. Dollar
10,000 Peso Note - 10 New Pesos - 1 Dollar
5,000 Peso Note/Coin - 5 New Pesos - 50 U.S. Cent
2,000 Peso Note - 2 New Pesos - 20 U.S. Cent
1,000 Peso Note/Coin - 1 New Peso - 10 U.S. Cent
500 Peso Note/Coin - 50 Mex. Cent - 5 U.S. Cent
200 Peso Coin - 20 Mex. Cent - 2 U.S. Cent
100 Peso Note/Coin - 10 Mex. Cent - 1 U.S. Cent
50 Peso Note/Coin - 5 Mex. Cent - 1/2 U.S. Cent
20 Peso Note/Coin - 2 Mex. Cent - 2/10 U.S. Cent
10 Peso Note/Coin - 1 Mex. Cent - 1/10 U.S. Cent
5 Peso N


1988 pesos

I have 25000 mexican pesos from 1988. Can these be exchanged


1989, 500$ mexico cion whats it worth

just want to know what it is worth


$5000 cincuentenario expropiacion petrolera coin

I have one of these coins in good shape. What is its value?


Can I exchange old peso

I have numerous peso bills from 1985
some are 20000 & 5000, can I exchange them when I am in Mexico this April for current



I would like to knowhow you would know if a 10000 peso certificate is still good or not


Read old posts before you post!

Your old pesos are worth nothing, throw them away NOW!

Knows to read posts before I post

1000 and 10,000 pesos from 1985?

I have a 1000 (un mil pesos) from July 19, 1985 and a 10,000 (diez mil pesos) from about the same time but with no date. What is the value of these bills. We are coming to Mexico on Friday, march 2, 2007.


us dollar

pesos are really hott
the us dollar is a very terrible idea


1984 $100 V. Carranza

I have an 1984 $100 V. Carranz coin. What is it worth?

bob parmley

1988 MXN $5000 Cincuentenario Expropiacion Petrolera Coin

Date stamped 1988 with an M with a small letter above it looking like an 'o' or the greek letter omnicron. What's the coin's MXN exchange value and private collector's value?


1987 2000 peso

is a 1987 2000 peso still valid?


us dollar

I have an 1991 $100 V. Carranx coin. What is it worth


10000.00 peso certificate

i have a 1991 10,000.00 peso certificate. where could i go exchange for u.s. dollars?

julian najera

peso expired

i have 1000 peso bill that is from 1984, is it worth anything?

Carlos Garcia

1989 Mexican Peso

How much is it worth? Where can I sell it in the state of wisconsin?

T. Miller

5000 Mexican Pesos

i found 5000 Mexican Pesos dated March 20, 1989. Is it still worth $477.77 now-a-days?


are they worth anything?

I have two 1000 serie XT & XK el banco de mexico. Pagara un mil pesos a la vista al portador dated july 19, 1985
juana de Asbaje
A7291460 and the other one is
j6613737 mexico D.F.

arlyne olivas

where to exchange

I have 2/200pesos bills what are they worth in usa and where can i exchange them for cash?


gold pesos

I just sold a bunch of antique PESO coins that were solid gold. I can't believe they were worthless. I figured the gold would be worth something. I guess Mexican gold isn't worth anything.


My bank doesn

Although they took my 1989 5000 Peso note to send "Downtown" to be converted into U.S. Dollars to be deposited to our checking account. I asked specifically, before driving clear out there, if there could be any trouble with the date, and was told NO! I just HOPE they do deposit $450 in my account! I'll love returning it and making them feel like they've done us before, with our accidental check bouncing and their $33 each!


Just Curious

I understand that $10 pesos is worth approximately .91 cents in American money.
At any point in recent history was $10 pesos worth approximately .50 cents in American money?

...Trying to settle an argument


Curious George


what is the point of asking questions if nobody answers them?????


$500 peso coin

Is this coin worth anything? The date on the coin is 1987. Is it a collectible or not?


Quinientos Pesoos

I have a 500 pesos that reads "Banco De Mexico" CQ Series E 1033067. I also have a uno peso Series AI -

What is the exchange value on these bills? Are they collector Items? Please let me know.

Thanks a bunch -TEW

Terri Wallace

un peso

I have a 1939 republica orienal del uruguay, unpeso. What is it worth


1982 $2,500

2,500 pesos dated 1982. is this work $125 dollars? cvromo



I have a ten thousand peso bill from the eighties how much is it worth now


1988 $100 v. carranza/1988 $500 mandero

could you please let me know what these two coins would be worth? i found them on in my dads old things. thanks

mary detert

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